Preparing for a Photo-Shoot

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Booked your Photoshoot – Now what?

  1.  Put some thought into it. What look are you going for? Sexy outfits, business outfits, tool belts, 40s pinup, Beachwear etc? Less is more, keep it simple yet creative and let your unique beauty do the talking!
  2. Shooting a CompCard or Tearsheet then simple is best. You need 3 natural shots, head, waist and above and full length. This gives the agencies etc. a chance to see the real you. So no loose clothes, they need to see your shape. No heavy makeup or hair etc. They want colour shots not black and white so they can see your hair and skin colour. Then its up to you. Any shots that show just how well you can pose or how much difference makeup can make etc. Any hero shots from past shoots that will get you noticed for the field you are aiming for.  5″8″ is generally the cutoff point for serious agencies. But that all depends on how you want to sell yourself.
  3. Arrive about 15-20 min early so you can prepare by the time the photo shoot starts.
  4. Communicate the day before the shoot and confirm everything that you already talked about, this helps avoid misunderstandings and lack of communication.
  5. Get some sleep the night before; don’t go out drinking and partying, it will make your eyes puffy and your mood cranky.
  6. Select the clothing items that you will need. Bring something that you feel comfortable, beautiful and sexy in. Ensure your clothing items are fitted to accentuate your curves but not skin tight to avoid red marks on your skin to show on your photos. Here are some ideas;corset, teddy, garter+stockings, something pink, lace, something white, veil, something blue, Something borrowed, undies, his stuff for you; winter jumper, white dress shirt, jeans that have holes, dirty singlets,vest, tie, cowboy boots and hat, tools of his trade or tool belt, High heels, Bustier, Something thin and transparent, fishnets, thigh highs, personalized/printed undies, jewelry, tank tops and boy shorts.
  7. Send examples images specific to what you hope to achieve as an outcome. I only post-produce 2-3 of the best images for your use. So please try to make sure you have given me time to plan around those images.
  8. General Preparation – Plan for 3-5 outfits if you are shooting for a modelling portfolio. Every outfit should have accessories some of these accessories include:
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Scarf’s
  • Flat & high shoes
  • Belts
  • Coloured bras (lacy is preferable)
  • Different coloured undies (lacy is preferable)
  • Any high fashion dress you think might work
  • Make-up
  • Hair ties & rubber bands (so you can wear your hair in different ways)
  • Hats
  • Jewellery
  • Glasses/sunglasses (but do not wear sunglasses before your shoot or you may end up squinting or with watery during your shoot)
  • Anything you think might make a neat prop or look interesting in a photo.
  • Don’t forget to bring a small portable mirror of some kind so you can check your make-up, hair, look, etc. during the shoot.
  • Depending on the style of the shoot, you may want to consider bringing a flesh coloured thong & bra. This will allow you to wear such items under your garments without drawing attention to them in the photos.

·         It’s also a good idea to bring something to drink, such as bottled water or gatorade. Especially if you are shooting outside. You may want to consider bringing a cooler with ice to pack drinks and anything else you wish to keep cool while shooting. Bring Music! Depending on the length of your shoot, you may want to pack a light meal and/or a few snacks of some kind. Avoid eating/bringing anything that may stain your teeth. This includes chocolaty items. As with wardrobe, please bring more than you think you will need.

Other Items to consider

makeup kit


nylons (nude & black)


mascara (brown and/or black)

toilet tissue

false eyelashes



lipstick (various shades)

eyeshadow (various colors)


translucent powder

makeup brushes

makeup sponges

cotton swabs

makeup remover

cotton balls



eye drops

masking tape


binder clips


baby wipes

hairstyling products


Sunscreen (if outdoors)

hair ties/bands



bottled water


insect repellent (if outdoors)

dress shields

dress hood or pillow case

facial tissue

spray bottle

aspirin (or equivalent)


facial cleansers

small first-aid kit

body lotion

Eye drops

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