Abbreviated Version

Started my career as an Electrician, in my own electrical repair business just after finishing my apprenticeship. Went back working for the man again, till I started my own business… again. Did that for about 7 years building/repairing kitchens for commercial restaurants etc.. Ended up with about 20 odd people working for me before the crash in the late 80’s.

Worked offshore for a couple of years consulting before returning to work for the man (boss) again. Longest stint about 7 years, managing a couple of divisions forĀ one of Adelaide’s largest Electrical Contractors. Got my Grad Dip in Management along the way, bagged a scholarship to do my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) by Research; but my mentor died (RIP) before completing it.

2004 arrived and a mate of mine dragged me along to the then flooding Coopers Creek (circa 2004). Bit of burnout therapy for the both of us. He took a new Canon digital SLR that his wife gave him as a present. And so started my interest in photography. Not long after I’d bought my first digital SLR, the Kodak 14n and was wide eyed in pursuit of becoming a famous landscape photographer. Ha, what wally.

Not quite sure how or why, but I found myself drawn toward portrait photography, emotive, dark, pathos rich images seemed to be my muse. Liking and Creating are two very different things. I’ve got about 4 shots that I think stand up as good as you are going to find in the world. Other than that, I keep hoping to add more to the 4.

So here we are 2015 and I’m changing tack again! Fashion, Beauty, Hair are now at the top of my list of images to add to my portfolio. Getting a bit old to be shooting young naked ladies without raising a few eye brows. Not to suggest I won’t if and when the opportunity comes along.. because I will, but I think the new direction is better suited to where I’m going in the short to medium term future.

Another big gap in my photographic journey, it’s now 2020 and I am going to have another run at producing some new work. Not exactly sure what that might end up looking like but it will be about portraits and probably mostly black and whites. Maybe a few muted versions of colour. Looking forward to looking back in a other 5 years to see just what comes of this new journey.