Talent Release:

Paul Rohal Talent Release

Underage Models:

We don’t shoot models underage (under 18 years of age)

Firstly, age is of prime importance. Any model under the age of 18 can only work to lingerie/swimsuit levels and then only if modelling for fashion or portfolio work unprovocatively. A model under the age of 18 cannot work to topless/nude levels under any normal conditions. There are of course certain grey areas where artists have blurred the lines and produced artistic nudes featuring minors but these artists fought long, hard and expensive battles to prove that what they were producing was art rather than titillation. It would be best practice to just accept that a model under the age of 18 can’t work to nude levels, ever!

For those models it is not obvious they are of legal age, we require ID as proof of age! Sorry if this upsets or offends, but we are not prepared to be involved in any disputes about this matter.