The Near Future

It’s almost June 2020 and I have decided to start shooting again. The theme will be black and white, where in reality it will be degrees of grey! 

Fashion has been doing NSFW editorials forever, but with sites like Instagram, Facebook etc. banning the nipple and Playboy loosing the plot for some puerile future, strings of fashion magazines have been taking a far more liberal approach to nudity. High Fashion is more nude than ever.

Want to be a globe travelling fashion model, well nudity is not just implied these days, but probably more a fact of a fashion models life. 

The images above are copied from the internet as relevant examples of women in fashion who’s brands are no longer damaged by nudity but enhanced. That’s not to say nudity is right for everyone! It’s simply a statement that nudity, like most other things in life, should be a personal choice and respected as just that.

So why the palaver above; simple, I live in conservative Adelaide and finding fashion models that are comfortable in their own skin, who are keen to add some NSFW images to their portfolio is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

I’m hoping to add some Peter Coulsons-esk, Haris Nukem-esk images to this soon to be Black and White gallery. Some of the inspiration images are below: